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With your drive and our commitment to your success, Life Goes On! This is accomplished by using the team approach to ensure the physician, nursing staff, therapy team, and our practitioners focus on the best outcome for you.

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United Prosthetics & Orthotics would love to have the opportunity to serve you! Let’s start by inquiring what you need so we can help you. Give us a call!

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Our team consist of dedicated Board Certified Practitioners and Fitters. This team of dedicated providers are available to help you obtain whatever physical level of independence you desire.

What are Prosthetics?

The design, fabrication, and attachment of artificial limbs or other systems to assume the function of missing body parts.


What are Orthotics?

The design and use of external appliances to support a paralyzed muscle, promote a specific motion, or correct a musculoskeletal deformity.

Meet the Team

Reginald Mays has been proudly serving patients in the prosthetic and orthotic profession since 2002.

Mr. Mays started working as a Billing/Collections Account Manager (Medicare accounts) for a national P&O company. Intrigued by the guzzling industrial need in this field, and moved by a rare sense of compassionate speed, Reginald Mays decided to head back to the classroom to pursue a course in prosthetic and orthotics.


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The needs of our patients are our number one concern.

We will work one on one with you to provide

the best treatment for your specific need.

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UPO provides the best platform for research and development in prosthetics and orthotics in most of the United States. Our approach is holistic compassionate solution. Our products are ground-breaking science. Our clients are our pride. At UPO, we believe that successful outcomes are measured by the patient’s achievement of the predetermined goals. Personalized care is our key phrase, Teamwork the winning word!


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