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Meet our team of experts


Reginald Mays has been proudly serving patients in the prosthetic and orthotic profession since 2002.

Mr. Mays started working as a Billing/Collections Account Manager for Medicare accounts for a national P&O company. Intrigued by the guzzling industrial need in this field, and moved by a rare sense of compassionate speed, Reginald Mays decided to head back to the classroom to pursue a course in prosthetic and orthotics.  Convinced that a better understanding of this rare field and the efficacy of science and technology would best position and equip him with opportunity of helping to change lives and fortunes of men and women who have given so much to humanity and the families they would live to make proud, UPO is a dream come true!


In 2004, Mr. Mays enrolled in California State University at Dominquez Hills to become a Prosthetic Clinician. After completing the prosthetic program a year later, Mr. Mays relocated to Birmingham, AL to start his prosthetic residency. Upon completion of his residency, Mr. Mays prepared to take his ABC board certification exams. He completed his exams and was certified by the American Board for Certification in 2007. Mr. Mays continued to increase his knowledge and cultivate skills as a clinician by taking patients that presented difficult cases.


We are proud to be United


In 2009 Mr. Mays was appointed to serve on the Alabama State Board of Prosthetist and Orthotist by Governor Bob Riley. The Board was charged with safeguarding the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Alabama against the unauthorized, unqualified, and improper administration of prosthetic and orthotic care. Mr. Mays relinquished his appointment to accompany his wife as she was relocated to Jacksonville, FL after joining the United States Navy.


In 2010 Mr. Mays joined United Prosthetics and Orthotics to continue with his passion of providing care to individuals who are in need of prosthetic care. When asked about his passion Mr. Mays said, “I really, really, really enjoy what I do. Some people love sports, cars, driving, cooking, etc. I love helping people. I suppose I can credit my father and grandfather for that because throughout my entire life I have watched them help people in need. My grandfather would literally give the shirt off of his back if someone was in need. That character-trait simply continued down the line to me. I enjoy helping people. I feel that I am doing something to make a difference in someone’s life with every patient I see.”


We are glad to have Mr. Mays on our team. He adds a wealth of experience, knowledge, skills, and views that will be utilized to continue providing excellent customer service and patient care to our patients.

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